The Katie Flowers Endowment, created and named for one of the Forest Lodge Library’s long-term librarians, is a formal association with its own legal establishment and bylaws.

Its membership consists of individuals from current and past Library Boards and library staff and community members who unite to plan and execute, in conjunction with library goals and needs, programs and events to benefit the library. The Katie Flowers Endowment is considered to be the fund-raising arm of the Forest Lodge Library, and, as such, is managing the capital campaign for the library expansion project.

The Katie Flowers Endowment

Members of the Katie Flowers Endowment Board of Directors:

President- Mary Jean Fenske 

Vice-President – JoAnn Schultz 

Secretary – Janet Ziegler 

Treasurer – Janis Pribyl 

Additional Directors

Amanda Westlund – Library Director

Carl Lippert 

Jackie Kruse 

Jan Berlin 

Melissa Rabska 

Heidi Fereday 

Laurie St. Aubin-Whelihan 

The Board of Directors of the Katie Flowers Endowment is comprised of some members of the Forest Lodge Library Board of Trustees with the addition of the Library Director and a few community members. The Katie Flowers Endowment always serves at the pleasure of the Library Board which is the only body with legal authority to set policy for the Forest Lodge Library.


The Katie Flowers Endowment manages the book sales in the library-adjacent Book House on Saturdays and other designated days during summer months between Labor Day and Cable’s Annual Fall Festival, generally scheduled for the final weekend of September. Chock full of books deselected from the Forest Lodge Library or donated by area residents, there are countless book bargains to be had at The Book House!

The Katie Flowers Endowment, trade name Forest Lodge Library KFE is a legally enjoined Wisconsin 501 ( c ) 3 that functions as the fundraising arm of the Forest Lodge Library and whose sole purpose is to support the library. The EIN is 39-1994280.