The Forest Lodge Library’s Reference Service Policy

The Forest Lodge Library:

  • Will endeavor to provide succinct answers to specific patron questions and guidance in locating materials relevant to patron query;
  • Will assist patrons in the use of the Library and offer advice regarding research techniques, when appropriate, including searching the Merlin system and initiating web-based searches;
  • Will provide bibliographic verification of items at patron request whether or not they are owned by the Forest Lodge Library and will assist patrons in obtaining materials through the interlibrary loan system, when appropriate or if requested to do so;
  • May refer library users to other agencies and libraries in pursuit of needed information;
  • Will make use of the Library’s print resources and available databases and consult appropriate search engines in pursuit of information to satisfy patron requests. If necessary, a regional resource library or other agency may be contacted on patron’s behalf to secure requested “ready reference” information;
  • While every effort will be made to satisfy patron queries, library staff cannot be expected to analyze or offer judgement on information, offer advice or opinions on legal, medical or financial issues or fill out or file forms on patron behalf.

Don’t miss these reference resources, available through your library!

Ancestry-Library Edition –

You must be at the library to take advantage of this resource, but, DO come on in and check out your ancestors!


Looking for an old newspaper article? A vehicle manual? Anything you need to know, Badgerlink is your portal! This resource you can use from almost anywhere, provided you’re in Wisconsin. The Badgerlink system verifies by IP address. There’s a how-to video on the home page and they’ve worked hard to make searching easy. Check it out!